Full Launch!

Demonheart: Hunters has now launched!

The demo is disabled for now, as it's probable I'll  be making updates in the next few days. Steam + itch.io, 3 operating systems, it's a lot to maintain. Also, saves from the earlier demo can't be used, to separate old bug reports from new.

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Congratulations on full release!

YAY !!! Congrats for the full release ! I'm already playing but it looks like I can't save wherever I want, it's just autosave, is it normal ? 

You shouldn't be able to save during conversations, can you save when nothing is happening?


Oh yes I can ! Thanks for answering ! I didn't play much but what I did was really good, I'm excited to see Brash with short hair ! :D 

Congrats on the full release! Been waiting for this, thank you for the hard work. Can't wait to play!