Patch Notes - Beta v1.11

A lot of changes are condensed into this new version.

Character voices have been added for all the characters!


  • Add fix for 1 illusion item remaining in inventory after all items of that type are lost.
  • Change companion pathfinding.
  • More voice acting.
  • Restyle title screen, journal, inventory, loot window.
  • Enable log while in conversation.
  • Return to game after saving.
  • Increase XP needed per level, change character stats.
  • Add autosave when entering areas.
  • Add a fix for game screen freezing but audio and menus still working.
  • Add ingame credits.
  • Turn off alignment shift messages (hiding the game's insides a bit.)
  • Add a Map of Ravage item, just so you can see in which direction you need to go.
  • Try to remove loading screens (what happens now?)
  • More little changes.

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