Chapter 4

This Christmas, a demonspawn arrives from Inferno to entertain you! Ouch.

Demonheart has been updated and now includes the fourth chapter.

Update Notes (v1.41)


  • Chapter 4 added to the game.
  • Added a disturbed expression to Tunes model.
  • Replaced one forest background in C2 with a more detailed version.
  • Improved some Brash lines in C3 if Bright did not try to run away so they make more sense in the current situation.


  • The character/alignment screen now displays your current character points as a percentage when you mouse over the white heart. (The game starts at 50% Tactful, 50% Good.)
  • Added a message in the upper corner when an anagram starts for clarification - "Decipher the message!"


  • Fixed a couple of misused words/typos in C1 and C3.
  • Improved the way Jasper is displayed, so that his sword is in front of the other characters.
  • Added one more fix for displaying animated characters.
  • Fixed a bug that could happen when starting the game and immediately clicking on another window, where you'd get Raze's floating head instead of his whole model. 😃
  • Added a fix for the game window flashing white on game start.
  • Fixed the visual effect when entering Orchid's library.
  • Fixed some grey button flickering that could sometimes happen when selecting chapters.

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it!


Demonheart v1.41 - 439 MB
Dec 25, 2017
Demonheart v1.41 - 562 MB
Dec 25, 2017
Demonheart v1.41 - Linux 452 MB
Dec 25, 2017

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